🍤Kámmoros Main Figures

Kámmoros has a three-phase production system in which with up tp 54 tanks and total production up to 18 tonnes, monthly. The three phase are: nursery (30 days), feeding (30 days) and growth (30 days). The initial production (first cycle 90 days) is estimated in 3 tonnes as per market conditions, increasing up to 18 tonnes in 6 months. Shrimp price for distribution goes from USD 3.2/kg to USD 4.0/Kg - with an estimate gross income yearly of USD 560,000, first year. Around 35% of total income is operational profit, representing USD 196,000. And 50 percent of this profit will be distributed to the NFTs and tokens owners - meaning USD 98,000. Project will be implemented no matter how many NFTs are sold.

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