📊Market Overview

According to FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in 2020, the total production of fishing and aquaculture, worldwide, represented over 157 million tonnes of which 89 percent were used for human consumption and 16 percent of total production is prawn. During the years, technology for in-land aquaculture is developing fast and increasing its adoption due to two main reasons: the most important refers to predatory fishing - countries have been doing special efforts to preserve endangered species and also to allow countries with no sea access (normally economically dependent from others!) to farm for consumption.

On the table bellow, we can check that the Vannamei Shrimp has almost 52% of its production in in-land aquaculture.

As to the prices and consumption, overall shrimps have increase dramaticaly in last few years - tas shrimps have a high nutritional value and its farming process (production cycle) is fast - 30 days.

According to FAO, Brazil imports 47% of the consumed fish and crustaceos - which gives Kámmoros plenty of space to 'sell' internally its production.

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