🎴NFT Stake - Reward

40% of Operational Profit

The Kámmoros Stake process has an innovative concept: it is a combination of Stake + Farm. Main features:

  1. all the staking will be paied in a stable coin (BUSD or BNB)

  2. All the BUSD or BNB will be transfered to a pool and holders will claim it directly

  3. Staking can be done at any time - knowing that the ones who stake first, get more for it (Farm concept)

  4. NFTs can be unstaken at any time - but when investors do that they loose the reward.

  5. NFT rewards will represent 40% of total operational profit of the project (results after expenses and costs)


REWARDS: 100% (pool) divided by (days X hours X minutes X seconds ) divided by total NFTs sold First cycle: (90 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds ) = 7,776,000 seconds 100% pool / 777,776,000 = 0,000012860% per second Example: 1st second stake - $500 NFT in stake - 0,000012860% divided per $500 = 0,000000026%

2ND SECOND è $1.000 NFT in stake - 0,000000013% per $

The sum of 7,776,000 seconds = 100%

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